Friday, November 27, 2009

Se Soltaron Los Toros!

Being at a baseball game in la Romana is like being hit by a typhoon, tidal wave and earthquake all at once. Whew! Give some dominicans a baseball team, banging devices (i.e: drums, cans, chairs), trumpets, horns and of course some Brugal rum and you've got yourse'f a PARTAY! Not being a fan of baseball myself, I was overwhelmed at the beggining, but the energy is catchy and by the fourth inning I caught myself chanting along "AQUI NO HAY LICEITA! AQUI TO SOMO TORO!"
As much as I get angry at this country of mine, at moments like these, when I see everyone genuinely having a good time I can't help but be proud of that roudy, loud blood that runs through my veins.