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Andando por la Romana...

You never know what you'll find.

Three faces of Las Canitas

Absolutely none of them liked their portrait. I in turn, thought they were incredibly kind regardless.

Cerca de Samaná.

A Disney kind of Chavon

Musical and ethnical characters included!

Casa de Campo


Children of the Beach

Oh! la vie en Casa de Campo...

When a Mama Brush and a Papa Brush...

And that's how brushes are made...
A visit to the Daler and Rowney factory in La Romana cleared up the brush making process for me. I went with a drawing class and the people there were kind enough to show us around and let us snoop and draw. Sadly there wasn't too much time, if it was up to me I could have pitched a tent in the warehouse and drawn there for months...

Above a drawing of our kind hosts. Caroline, the lady, showed us around.

Don't ask about these machines, I just recorded them, sadly my industrial machinery knowledge is limited to say the least. Oh but they DO have such pretty shapes!

Here are some of the ladies that do part of the labor by hand. They sort out different kinds of hair, a tricky and intense process. They are all women since they have the delicateness and preparation to do so. Go girls!

More from the brush factory