Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Parque Colon... One more time!

The afternoon was warm and breezy, and I felt the wonderful invisibility that reportage artists are sometimes blessed with. You know, those rare moments when you can just stare and no one seems to notice and even better, approach you. I watched how two complete strangers (the two ladies above) sat next to each other and rambled on for hours like best friends, a dominican trait I don't fully share but admire. I watched the dog groom and exhibit himself shamelessly in front of me (another trait I admire), and basically I laid back in the pure joy of being there and drawing.


samia said...

Lovely and confident strokes. Great figures and architechture drawings and the colour adds a mood. Beautiful

Kerry Niemann said...

I really love and enjoy all your drawings. They are so descriptive of the subject's personality. Even the buildings have personality, and your composition is "dead on". I love the "erotic dog drawing"!